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Trip Insurance Request for Pricing

Worried about having to cancel your trip or unexpected changes? Eliminate the worry with cancellation insurance. A very affordable way to cover all the bases. Just click on the link below below for an online quote . There are several choices but look for Trip Interruption Insurance toward the bottom of the page

For over 50 years, TuGo's dedication to travellers, partners and employees, has made it one of Canada's top travel insurance providers and a Canada's Best Managed Company. Together with our partners, they have protected millions of people with travel insurance worldwide.

If you need to cancel your trip before your departure, or your trip is interrupted while you’re away, Trip Cancellation & Trip Insurance reimburses for non-refundable unused prepaid travel costs, or unexpected costs incurred after your departure.

With covered risks including sickness, injury, pregnancy, or a death in the family, Trip Cancellation & Trip Interruption protects the financial investment you’ve made on your trip.

Watermark Cottages is not a Licensed Insurance broker or provider, we have partnered with TuGo . All Programs and Content provided by TuGo

You may already deal with another company for health insurance etc and we also encourage you to talk to them and/or your credit card issuer but typically this type or extent of coverage is an additional fee or beyond the coverage of the credit card coverage.

Emergency Medical Insurance, including COVID-19 coverage for vaccinated Canadians emergency-medical/



All Inclusive Holiday Package

https://www.tugo. com/en/travel-insurance/canadians/all-inclusive/


Visitors to Canada Insurance to-canada/emergency-medical/


Trip Cancellation & Trip Interruption** trip-cancellation-insurance/

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